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Medical Waste

"Bob Spurgin is one of the country's foremost waste experts."

-- Kathy Wagner Hill,
Senior Director, Center for the
Study of American Government,
Johns Hopkins University

"Without question he is the most knowledgable person I know and have ever known when it comes to regulated medical waste"

-- Jewel Sikes,
President & CEO,
Premier Waste Services

"Bob Spurgin is truly a Reliable Resource for our matters related to Medical Waste Management field. Bob's ground reality experiences are useful to settings in India, and his sustainable active participation on LinkedIn groups on the said subject enables me to Network with other Resourceful people around the globe."

-- Homi Mullan

Business Consultant - Energy (Heat Trace / Steam) & Environment (Medical & Hazardous Waste Management) Technologies 

"I have known and worked with Mr. Spurgin on several projects over the last fifteen years. I have found that he is a thorough professional with wide-ranging experience in the waste field and more specifically of late within the area of medical/biohazardous waste. He has accumulated extensive knowledge of the numerous state regulations pertaining to this component of the waste stream, the commercially available treatment technologies the use of which are mandated by the state requirements, and the methods and procedures to demonstrate the efficacy of these treatment systems. His participation in projects related to any one or all of these areas would ensure positive outcomes within the resources of his clients."


--Ira Salkin

Editor-in-Chief, Medical Mycology




"I highly recommend Bob for any companies needing assistance with shepherding a product or service through governmental regulatory process"

-- Carl Schroeder,


"His advocacy skills are top notch. I would highly recommend him as an environmental consultant."

-- Maureen Miksztal,
Senior Regulatory Specialist,
Dow Chemical Company

"Bob Spurgin is a terrific environmental analyst, consensus builder and entrepreneur. His work on complicated, multi-stake holder projects helps drive innovation and cooperation across business, enviro, and governmental leaders. Bob helped Environmental Resources Trust build and implement the first GHG crediting protocol that included reductions in nitrous oxide on dairies - a decade later this is the hottest topic in GHG crediting policy circles and will ultimately be accepted into California's compliance market. I fully endorse Bob as a rare consultant who combines broad technical expertise and excellent consensus building skills to help find a path forward between competing stakeholders on a variety of hot button environmental issues such as medical waste handling, diary manure management and water quality concerns. "

Wiley Barbour

Measure, Account, Report, Verify, Educate, Lead - MARVEL


"For over twenty years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob as a valued colleague, industry expert and friend. He is duly recognized as although leader on environmental and regulatory issues and, more importantly, heralded for his ability to apply his knowledge in skills in a way that deliver actionable recommendations for his clients and other industry stakeholders. As an added benefit, Bob's "hi-touch" approach to working with clients and colleagues is both enjoyable and effective. "

Jeffrey Peckham

Director, Trade Development. PharmaLink, Inc

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