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Meet Bob

Bob Spurgin is the nation’s leading authority on medical waste management. For over the past forty years, he has worked with more than 200 hospitals and health systems and hundreds of medical waste service companies and product providers.

Bob’s experience is supported by specialists in healthcare safety, compliance and training, engineering, infection control, waste equipment procurement, and environmental law. He provides the most comprehensive expertise available to his clients. Give Bob a call today!

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Bob Spurgin
Founder / President

What We Do

• Permits and Approvals

- Air and Water

- Local Use Permits

- Transportation

- Transfer Station

- Treatment Facility

• Compliance and Training

A Vast Online Course Library

- Safety Plan and Incident Reporting

- Virtual Compliance Support

- SDS Management

- Customized Training


• Policies and Procedures

• Operation Plans

• Regulatory Advocacy

• Strategic Growth

• Many Additional Topics

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