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Compliance Training
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"The Most Medical Waste Expertise in One Place"

Who We Are


Bob Spurgin is the nation’s leading authority on medical waste management.  Over the past 30 years in private practice he has worked with over 200 hospitals and health systems and hundreds of medical waste service companies and product providers. He is an author of the EPA Guide for Infectious Waste and the contractor for United States Congressional Report  Finding the Rx For Managing Medical Waste, a report for the US Congress. He’s appeared on CNN, PBS, ABC and spoken at numerous national and regional health care conferences on medical waste policies, procedures and management strategies..


Bob’s experience is supported by his network of specialists in healthcare safety and operations, compliance and training, engineering, infection control, waste equipment procurement, and environmental law.  Spurgin & Associates is the most comprehensive collection of this area of expertise found anywhere in the world.  Want to learn more or have questions?  Give Bob a call or use our “contact us” form for email!

What We Do


Permits & Approvals

  • Local Use Permits

  • Air and Water

  • Transportation

  • Transfer Station and Treatment Facility

Planning & Procedures

  • Operation Plans

  • Safety and Emergency

  • Contingency Plans

  • Strategic Growth

Compliance Training

  • Safety Plan & Incident Reporting

  • Virtual Compliance Support

  • SDS Management

  • Customized Training

  • OSHA

  • Dozens of Additional Topics

States and Provinces Where Our Services have been Contracted

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Contact Us

15642 Sand Canyon Avenue

Unit 50727 
Irvine, CA 92619 

Bob Spurgin     949.677.0700

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